Review of “Running with Scissors” EP by Illustrate Magazine

Thanks very much to Illustrate Magazine for posting this nice review of my EP:

Singer/songwriter Adriaan van Heerden and his bandmate Andy Brook, who brings percussions and bass to life, comes together to publish their 4-piece EP “Running With Scissors”. The multi-instrumentalist duo is more popularly known as Dark Soul Safari, where they blend a fusion of avant-garde rock while exploring chaotic themes over calming tunes.

The band sets an eerie tone with their first track That’s How I Roll which is daunting at how contrasting the lyrics and the melodies are; it would fit as a title song for a docuseries or show starring a serial killer on the loose. The next track, the EP’s highlight Running With Scissors delves into the subject matter of the demise of humanity, a consequence of political failure and climate change. Adriaan keeps his vocals clean and smooth, maintaining a calm before the storm. Moving on, we have Jim The Priest which is a classic rock n roll piece, featuring melodies of the guitar and a thematic narrative. It starts of brilliantly with a layer of harmonies and kicks off with a brilliant drum work, occasional claps and clean electric guitar carrying the uplifting tempo. Inspired by a reading of Miguel de Cervantes’ “Don Quixote,” Dark Soul Safari finishes their performance with Still Chasing Windmills. It is a perfect listen – pleasantly beautiful, nostalgic, with the perfect mix of melancholy and jolly as the protagonist believes in hope despite constant failures.