Review of “Running with Scissors” EP by Indie Dock Music Blog

A big thank you to Indie Dock Music Blog for posting this review of the EP:

Dark Soul Safari is the name of the band of the singer-songwriter Adriaan van Heerden, who really invites us with his creativity to visit the most secret corners of our souls and look into the problems of today and reveal the most difficult issues of humanity.

Adriaan van Heerden was born and raised in South Africa and currently resides in the UK where he has a PhD in Philosophy and also works in the art of photography. ‘Running with Scissors’ is his first mini-album, which includes 4 songs full of doubt, anger and hope.

The voice sounds convincing and clear, we understand his hints and his concern and fully support him in this. The music design of the album perfectly conveys the essence of the lyrics, and the wonderful arrangements are light, live and atmospheric.

Minimalist motifs filled with memorable melodies and the beautiful tone of the singer’s vocals inspire reflection and invite you to listen to all the songs again and again. A talented musician and his release  received an excellent sound thanks to the work of the famous sound producer Andy Brook, who made this music really professional.