Review of “Running with Scissors” EP by Music City Pulse

Thanks very much to Scott Wilson for posting this review on Music City Pulse:

Singer-songwriter Adriaan van Heerden grew up in South Africa where he took lessons in several instruments, and composed music from an early age. He has a PhD in Philosophy from Cambridge University and is also an international award winning photographer. He now lives on the outskirts of London.

Dark Soul Safari is renowned for his very live sounding, and said textures are carried through Dark Soul Safari’s catalogue. Now he’s giving audiences, even more, as well as another side of who he is as a performer, with his latest EP, “Running With Scissors”. Running With Scissors released on July 20, 2022. “Running With Scissors” has four unique tracks that creates a gentle atmosphere.

The first track That’s How I Roll has a catchy opening that makes you want to Bob your head. The song is unique and fun in all in one, the compelling instrumentation keeps the vibe calm. The song continues right into self titled track “Running With Scissors”, another hit, amazingly well crafted and that’ll make sense once you hear the track, the song itself is a wild ride that you need to be strapped in for.

You’re only halfway through and the album has already been very exciting, as you get closer to the end with Jim The Priest and Still Chasing Windmills, the feeling doesn’t go away and the album gives you exactly what you want.

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