That’s How I Roll (lyrics)

Going for a drive in my automobile
It feels really good behind the wheel
Dropping down to third, going up the hill
No more worries just five star thrills

Then it happens again: the devil appears
He approaches fast coming up my rear
Driving on my tail, driving ‘round the bends
He wants me dead, the red mist descends

That’s how they rock me
That’s how they roll
Crazy motherfuckers out of control
That’s how they rock you
That’s how they roll
Life is their racetrack and you’re just a tool

Well Mr Beemer, meet Mr Bat
Now you say you’re sorry for being such a twat
But it’s too late now it’s tit for tat
Your pointless existence reduced to a splat

That’s how I rock them
That’s how I roll
Just another motherfucker out of control
That’s how I rock them
That’s how I roll
Alone in my cage consumed with this rage