Running with Scissors (lyrics)

Green has turned to grey now, all the butterflies are gone
Everyone has left this place, I am all alone
The cockroach and the crow, it’s their world now
Said goodbye to forests, said goodbye to snow

Hard to say exactly when it all went wrong
We were running with scissors for far too long
“Make America Great Again” became our final song
As we scrambled for the exits in the Great Extinction throng

The billionaires all departed in their lifeboats to Mars
Left their bunkers in the desert and set off for the stars
They looked so cool at Canaveral, good luck to them
Five years in space it will be the same shit again

Forgive me if I decline all invitations to connect
What’s the point when the whole place is wrecked?
Too many lessons we refused to learn
So I wear my welding goggles and I watch it burn